Apartment refurbishment in Madrid

Apartment refurbishment in Madrid  (Madrid, Spain) Integral Refurbishment – 2007 This apartment, located in the north of Madrid, underwent a comprehensive refurbishment, including partitions, finishes and furniture. It was originally a 4-bedroom apartment, with a gross area of 125m2, from which only its envelope has been preserved and the interior has been reorganized into a 3-room flat, with a … [Read more…]

Spa(in) Chicago

Spa(in) Chicago – Spa & Healthcare Center (Chicago, USA) Illinois Institute of Technology – 2002 – 2003 – Master Thesis Author: Sara Jimenez Located in the North Branch of Chicago River, the project is meant to be a transition that serves both the city (access, public square and main volume) and the river (swimming pools and beach area). These … [Read more…]

Refurbishment in Las Rozas

Refurbishment in Las Rozas Construction – 2007 After several decades living in their house, the owners wanted to change things up and update it, also moving some walls. The refurbishment also included updating finishes of bathrooms and kitchen, and change of flooring in living room and basement. The most visual changes regarding partitions were made in the basement, where garage area was … [Read more…]

Studio in Lavapiés

Studio in Lavapiés Concept Design – 2016 In this small studio, located in a beautiful corrala (Madrid ancient housing typology) with high historical value, we performed an exercise of adaptation and reorganization to increase efficiency. We have evaluated several options to maximize the features of this study, which is like a large hotel room, with two windows on the … [Read more…]

House in Los Peñascales

House in Los Peñascales Study – 2009 In this fantastic villa, located in the town of Los Peñascales (Madrid), our task was to do a study to expand a door hole in a load-bearing wall in the basement. It was required to properly calculate the lintel. The aim was to ensure the stability of the property, since for many years … [Read more…]

Studio in Madrid city center

Studio in Madrid city center Concept Design – 2016 Our work in this small studio, located in the center of Madrid, was to change it up and update it to rent it afterwards. Since it needed a relatively quick response, it was decided to keep the existing partition walls, reorganize furniture and rearrange kitchen. The proposal includes a front kitchen casework in the … [Read more…]

Dog kennel

Dog kennel Construction – 2010 To design a summer kennel with natural materials for Coco. That was the idea behind this little project, which also included its construction. The concept was simple: a cube made out of wooden square-section stripes with an extruded “L” intersecting it, made out of recycled pallet. The construction was a bit more complex, since in-between the stripes we had … [Read more…]

House for a sculptor

House for a sculptor Concept Design – 2001 The house is located in a very narrow plot, just 6m wide. The program includes parking for a car, and the optimal space for a sculptor to live and work at his home. The main idea is to project “the house inside the house”, as a result of a … [Read more…]