Apartment refurbishment in Madrid

Apartment refurbishment in Madrid  (Madrid, Spain)
Integral Refurbishment – 2007

This apartment, located in the north of Madrid, underwent a comprehensive refurbishment, including partitions, finishes and furniture. It was originally a 4-bedroom apartment, with a gross area of 125m2, from which only its envelope has been preserved and the interior has been reorganized into a 3-room flat, with a spacious living room and a kitchen with office. Unnecessary partitions have been eliminated, providing greater visual spaciousness to living spaces.

The resulting flat is characterized as a “light box”, thanks to the games raised with glass bricks, where interesting exchanges of light between the rooms and passageways have been achieved. The excellent existing orientation, with sunshine in all rooms, has facilitated and reinforced this work with glass bricks.

As noteworthy and characteristic aspects of this project, we would highlight the introduction of a home automation system that controls not only humidity sensors, smoke and presence, but also automatic detection of temperature for air conditioning, remote turn on of electrical appliances and automatic controlled blinds.

As for materials, we used single black slate-appearance tiles for the entire floor of the flat. Tiles for kitchen and bathrooms are the same as for flooring, but changing the tone to beige. Thus it has been achieved the global unity that the owners sought.