At Caja de Lápices we work to keep in each project the high quality level that characterizes us. In each work we also take into consideration factors such as functionality, aesthetics, meeting deadlines/budgets and achieving good technical execution.

As a result of these hallmarks, we offer you the following services, whether you are a particular client, company or public institution:


BIM Implementation

We accompany you in the transition process from CAD to BIM, assessing your needs and selecting the best BIM tool for your business. We train and coach your employees, follow-up afterwards while learning, define workflows, evaluate different techniques and seek the best collaboration strategy with other companies involved in your projects. We also have collaboratos who can model your project on demand, generate parametric families and help in critical moments to meet deadlines and increase your efficiency.



We help you to build your ideas developping from feasibility to construction projects. We are experts in refurbishment, adjustment and adaptation of spaces. Also we advise you of any issue through our technical consulting architecture and engineering service. We calculate structures, develop and integrate automation and telecommunications projects, using the latest technology (intelligent housing).


Rendering & Visualization

We offer you the possibility to visually express your idea. We work with a wide range of visualizations, from photorealistic to abstract images, so you can assess in advance different options and choose the best result. Our experience in architecture enables us to offer high-quality renderings tailored to your budget and needs.